TRAMA (Argentina)


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Trama, a cooperation-and-discussion program among artists, was in operation in Argentina between 2000 and 2006. The program organized debates, workshops, lectures and projects for artistic interchange whose outcomes were documented on a web site as well as in a series of printed matter. During its working period, Trama fostered the establishment of a cooperative network of artists-organizers, providing exchanges and training in issues related to cultural management for more than 70 artists’ organizations, training and stimulating their platforms through connections with the international art milieu and giving visibility to the resulting productions while furthering inter-regional artistic exchanges in Argentina. From the very first stages, the program prioritized the need to open channels for South-South artistic interchange. This objective was fulfilled through its participation in the RAIN network and contacts made during research trips in South America. Founded by Claudia Fontes, Trama managed its activities through different teams of artists, validating the artist-run culture in Argentina as an expanded field of the artists' practice. For more information: see under publications. Documentation about Trama is also available in the Artists’ Documentation of the Rijksakademie, Amsterdam.