Tembe Art Studio (Surinam)


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Tembe Art Studio was founded by Marcel Pinas, former resident of the Rijksakademie (2008/2009) in 2009 in Moengo, Marowijne, Surinam. Rambal Ram Charanweg 15, Moengo. This cultural center is located in a former Suralco hospital in the center of Moengo (the second town of Marowijne). Apart from an artist-in-residency program, exhibitions are organised and trainings by (international) artists are given to local talents. Tembe Art Studio wants to stimulate the creativity of the community, especially of the youngsters and to offer them opportunities to become self-supporting. The artist-in-residency is supported by the Fonds BKvB as a pilot project. Apart from Dutch artists, the guest studio will be visited by artists fromt the United States, the Caribbean and Surinam. All artists are asked to make a three-dimensional art work for Moengo and its surroundings. The World Economic Forum in Geneve named Pinas, as one of the first artists, 'Young Global Leader' thanks to this initiative. Meer informatie: http://www.tembeartstudio.org/ tel. 597-481 960 / 597-8806533 / 597-85108004 title Tembe Art Studio