MAVA (Benin)


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Musée de l'Art de la Vie Active / Art Museum of Active Life (MAVA) Founder: Meschac Gaba (1961) MAVA is an international art residency project in Cotonou Bénin, that will unfold in three years. MAVA is initiated by Meschac Gaba in 2010 in Cotonou, Bénin, as a performance and exhibition across the city of Cotonou. Mava in the Benin language mina means 'Come on!' In 2012 the Association MAVA is officially established. The goal and mission of Association MAVA Residence is to participate in the development and art education in Bénin, and to leave behind a real trace of our time in history, of our life today in futre history of art and culture. Gaba: "If we do not understand tradition, perhaps we will also forget to document the history of our own time."