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RAIN is a network of (visual) artists' initiatives from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, set up by artists who are former participants of the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
This web site shows the activities of the partners in the RAIN Network. You may also visit their individual web sites.

RAIN stimulates pluriform internationalisation, including artists from all over the world. It aims to give an impulse to a further dialogue on 'Western' and 'non-western' art; the issue of 'centre and periphery' plays an important role. The centre in the international art world is still placed in (Western) Europe and
North America. This often leads to a narrow approach to 'non-western' art, or to an attitude of juxtaposition. Even the contacts between more 'peripheral' areas are often channelled through the western centres.
RAIN strengthens the exchange of art, ideas, techniques, cultural heritage and knowledge between artists' initiatives in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and Europe, with the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam, making a key contribution both physically and virtually. In this exchange the emphasis is on 'south-south' and 'south-north' contacts, taking also into account the 'north-south' line which is already represented rather well.

The initiatives involved in RAIN are all set up by artists for artists. The nature of the initiatives is very different, although a common denominator for most of the partners in RAIN is the aim to create an alternative - not yet existing - place in their countries for (young) artists to discuss, produce and/or present their work. Attention for the process of creating art and the relation to society are key elements.

SUPPORT | RAIN was set up with the support of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Development Co-operation. Several initiatives are supported by the Prince Claus Fund | Stichting DOEN | HIVOS |ArtsCollaboratory